What's your attitude toward male pattern baldness, and mens hair loss in general? What's your attitude toward replacing it? If you are thinking of getting your hair restored because of what someone else might think, we ask that you think again. As in, think of yourself. You're the one who has to live with male pattern baldness, and loss of hair, not them! Again, it all comes down to your attitude. A good self-esteem is one of the ingredients for a productive, happy life. Advanced Hair Center knows this and we can help you achieve a better self image with the newest technology in the hair industry. Our personal service and quality workmanship has enabled us to maintain a client base from all over the United States. We also understand that clients want privacy, a convenient location and exceptional service, and we do provide exactly that.

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Systems As Individual As You!
Balding can cause hair loss to some, or most of the hair.  Until now, a man who needed a hair system was limited in color, style, texture and length. Advanced Hair Center can create a natural look by adding highlights or lowlights to create a custom color. We tailor our hair systems to fit your scalp like a second skin. The quality of our systems, as well as the workmanship is undeniably the best in the industry. Your privacy starts when you walk into our door and continues into the styling and cutting rooms. Advanced Hair Center understands the emotional and physical effects that hair loss can have.

One thing you should always remember, when it comes to mens hair loss, you're not alone. Our clients are from all over the United States and we have a personal relationship with all of them. There are no gimmicks, and we strive to not only help you look like you used to, but continue to service your needs for as long as you are with us. For those of you that have existing hair systems from others, and are not happy with it, we will do an in-house repair. We also have "No Program Contracts." We offer all types of hair systems, removable and non- removable, human and synthetic.