For some, the word cancer creates fear and confusion. Patients can be uneasy about the treatment and side effects, particularly chemotherapy hair loss. You may not be prepared for the loss of hair, but given the facts and opportunity, you will feel less fearful. You will understand what is happening and more importantly, why.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss
At any one time, about 85% of the hair follicles are reproducing on the human scalp. This is why your hair grows longer. For this reason, chemotherapy drugs, whose chief purpose is to attack and destroy the rapidly reproducing cancer cells, may have the same effect on your active hair cells. There are various drugs that are used in chemotherapy treatment. While undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss is dependant on the type and dosage of the drug(s) prescribed.

Loss Of Hair During Radiation Therapy 
Radiation is a strong treatment for cancer, and can sometimes affect normal tissue causing side effects. With any treatment one possible side effect may be the loss of hair. You may temporarily lose some or all of your hair in the area being treated. In most cases, your hair will start growing again when you finish your treatments.

Coping With Cancer Hair Treatment:  Advanced Hair Center Can Help
Losing your hair isn't easy to cope with and it takes some adjustment. We at Advanced Hair Center understand this very emotional situation, and welcome the opportunity to help you with your cancer hair treatment. We know that your privacy is very important and it starts when you walk in our door. We will educate you on all the options available whether it be a human hair or synthetic prosthesis. Some people choose to cover their heads with a hat, scarf, or turban. Others prefer to replace their hair. Fake-looking wigs are a thing of the past as technology has advanced considerably. You can now look the way you like. Cancer hair treatments such as hair prostheses are the latest technological advances in replacing the loss of hair. Whether you are experiencing chemotherapy hair loss, or loss of hair during radiation, Advanced Hair Center will meet your specific needs.  We will form fit the hair prosthesis to become part of you, and design it to be styled as if it was your own hair. The front our our base is a french lace, which gives the appearance of the hair coming directly out of the scalp. No old fashioned wig look. By obtaining a hair prosthesis prior to treatment, it enables us to duplicate your hair color, texture and style. No one needs to know you lost your hair. A hair prosthesis may also be a tax deductable medical expense, and is usually covered by insurance.

Don't Settle For A Wig.  You Deserve to Look Your Best! 
At Advanced Hair Center, our specialty is duplicating your exact hair style, texture and color while giving you the privacy needed to attain the look your want. In-home / hospital service is also available and should this be an option for you, please discuss this with us.